Thinking for a road trip? A trip to Ladakh is waiting for you then with peaceful and serene environment. Ladakh the word itself drive craziness in everyone’s mind, no doubt the road leading to Ladakh is so appealing. The place give you peaceful vibes and communicates with you making you realize you’re not alone. A road trip to Ladakh makes you gaze and capture stand still memories.  Going to Ladakh Road Trip is still a dream for many people but you have a chance grab it and live your life, live your dream.


Weather in Ladakh




Ladakh being known as cold dessert having breathtaking beauty at different times of the year. January and February are extremely cold months dropping temperature to freezing point. April marks the onset of summer in the land of beauty Ladakh.

From May to September the temperature during day time can rise up to 21 degree to 27 degree but latter at night it reaches to 7 degree to 12 degree. In the month of October the snowfall can be seen there till December. there is no fix time for anyone to visit Ladakh, Ladakh can be visited throughout an year, but for a trip to Ladakh the best time is to visit from June to September. On Ladakh road trip there will be lot of things to experience and these experience is last long for lifetime.




Places to visit on a bike road trip to Ladakh
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1. Pangong Tso– this is also knows as Pangong lake situated on the lap of Ladakh in the heart of Himalayas which stretches upto 134 kms. It is one of the largest lakes of Asia.


2. Namgyal Tsemo Gompa– It is very famous monastery  which is situated in the heart of Leh.  It is believed that Ladakh’s King Tashi Namgyal founded the monastery in 1430, that serves as a home to the famous golden statue of Maitreya Buddha.


3. Zanskar Valley– The water reflecting the soothing blue hue can only be seen at Zanskar Valley which is surrounded by massive snow clad peaks. winters makes this valley frozen giving an adventurous chance of ‘Chadar Trek’ which in itself is a life enhancing moment.


4. The magical Nubra Valley– The valley is also known as valley of flowers which is famous for its serene ambiance. This is on of the best treasure one will find on a road trip to Ladakh.


5. Shanti Stupa– It is set at an elevation of whooping 4267 meters. This place is full of peaceful and positive vibes. It is surrounded by natural beauty and will give a glimpse Buddhist culture.


6. Harding La– This place is on the top of the list on any person who is planning a bike road trip to Ladakh. It is located on a distance of 40 km with a hearth wrenching 18,379 ft. Leh Ladakh road trip is totally incomplete without challenging bikers and drivers and experiencing a ride through the “pass of lower castle”.


7. Royal Leh Palace– It is considered to be the gem of Ladakh, which was built in 17th Century by famous king Sengge Namgyal. It has 9 stories and you can have a full view of leh from the top of it.


8. Drass Valley– It is famous for its natural hot springs with medicinal benefits located in the heart of Kargil city. It is renowned as second coolest habitat in the world and has perfectly balance the lush greens, soothing blue and bold browns.




WHAT TO CARRY For A Trip To Ladakh ?



1. Carry a sturdy helmet and put it to use all the time while you’re riding.

2. Valid photo identity proofs and not to forget your driving license.

3. One or two leather jackets are a must to glide through wind and beat the breeze.

4. Carry sweatshirts, tees, jeans, shorts, shirts, tracks, inner-wear, socks, towels, handkerchiefs, and other clothing items that you may feel necessary.

5. Carrying an extra pair of sturdy trekking shoes or leather boots will keep you away from cold feet.

6. Match your shoes with an extra pair of gloves and riding goggles to protect your eyes.

7. It is a must to carry a first-aid kit for yourself and a tool-kit for your bike.

8. You’ll be equipped with GPS for sure but then carry a physical map for better navigation and clear routes.

9. Charger, power banks, Bluetooth headset, batteries for backup, etc. are few other necessities to carry.

10. Keep a torch with you, even if you think you don’t need it.




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