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There are two potential courses that can be taken to journey to NagTibba and we discuss all about NagTibba.



One is through Auntar town, and the other through Patwari Town. Both the courses meet at Nag Mandir and consolidate on the way. This traveling experience takes you along the Patwari town. This way starts with a fragile grade, getting more limit in parts and takes you to the inquisitive little Goat Town.


The old asylum presents astonishing vistas of green dales and significant valleys. Close by the amazing vistas of the Garhwal, there is similarly a wide extent of verdure found in the region. Among the steady Deodars, there are the wonderful wildflowers that add concealing to the scene.


To appreciate the away from Bandarpoonch top, Kedarnath apex, and Chanabang tops, all of the ones needs to do is take the stimulating NagTibba journey.




Organized at 3.022 meters, NagTibba is the most critical apex arranged in Uttrakhand’s lesser Himalayan region. It is a 57 km drive from Mussoorie. According to legends, this spot used to be the property of Snake God (Bother Devta).


Nearby individuals come here to worship the snake god tolerating that the god would safeguard their dairy steers from any naughtiness.


Nearby individuals acknowledge that the Snake God or Nag Devta stays here; therefore, the apex has been named in light of everything. It is a revered site, and fans offer petitions to the holiness here.


Benefit however much as could reasonably be expected from your days off in India by embracing a NagTibba journey across the mountains in Uttarakhand. The completion of the rainstorm changes over into cooler environment, and the snow in the stature of the period is all you need to see the value in the time.




NagTibba is around a 10000-feet high peak in the Garhwal region of the domain of Uttarakhand. The mountain inhabitants are drawn to it as its climax offers comprehensive points of view on snow-clad zeniths of the Central Himalayas out there.


The NagTibba Trip is seen as presumably the best journey in Uttarakhand, especially for understudies! The famous Mussoorie environment is replicated in NagTibba additionally, and should be visible as lovely reliably! The NagTibba journey challenges the legend that the harder and longer the trip, the better the view and the more significant the experience.


The viewpoint on Spiti on one side and the Bandarpoonch on the other is adequate to make you acknowledge that heaven really exists! The difficulty of NagTibba journey is easy to direct. It’s the ideal week’s end journey for understudies.


The greatest level of the trip is 9,914 ft and the scene is moderate, beside two or three steep fragments. Resting at 9,915 ft, the summit of this trip is the most raised in the NagTibba extent of Garhwal Himalayas. From here, you see a 100-degree point of view on snow-bested Himalayan reaches, for instance, Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag , Srikantha, and Gangotri.




You moreover notice Kedarnath top in the north, Doon valley and the snow apexes of Changabang. With sees, along these lines and a transition to make you acquire them, this week’s end trip may be genuinely remarkable.


As you go up one side of the mountain and slide from another side, you similarly experience a grouping of scenes. This trip takes you through thick woodlands, clearings, and edge walk. This is one of just a modest bunch barely any journeys we have where you can see enchanting nightfalls. This is an aftereffect of the course this way faces.


On a fresh morning, you see enormous snow-beat mountains like Swarga rohini, Bandarpoonch, Kalanag, Srikanth, and Gangotri enlightening a shade of super hot orange.


Underneath you, you see a bed of fogs coasts. You don’t have to move to a high highlight see this sunset. You can see it straightforwardly from your campsite!





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