Benefits of Yoga

Before we understand the benefits of Yoga, it is important to understand, what yoga really is. For some, it is ancient way of Training & for some it is a set of different poses. But Yoga Actually mean ONE(union), which connect Body, Mind & Spirit. Yoga has countless benefits which positively affect you Physically & mentally.




If we really consider how we learn in the modern world, we realize that despite all our emphasis on education, our education is one- sided and shallow. We may learn to memorize equations and facts, but we do not really learn to understand and develop our own inner life. Our minds remain scattered and our emotions persist as negative, conflicting forces. Yoga is setting new trends among everybody recently. Being a food lover with pearl form body doesn’t appear straightforward. Either you’re too fat or you’re too skinny however principally you’re weird.

That’s how it enters in anybody’s life and become an ally. In fact, yoga and meditation is currently turning into a neighborhood of our life. From a five year recent kid to fifty year recent man is obtaining edges of yoga and exploring their own body. Isn’t that interesting?


Well it had been fun to look at individuals from completely different age teams sharing same platform to explore their body and mind. They appeared connected to their breath, their soul. That was lovely and beyond expectations. Where some were falling, some were balancing and rest was deep into their practices, however all were enjoying. That’s what yoga suggests, feeling you and begins to measure another aspect of life, rather than waking up with morning selfie, one wakes up with a smile and follow ups of yoga asanas or meditation practices to create your day additionally energetic. Meditation sounds boring to some but it has its own beautiful colors which leads you to inner realm. I saw a woman sitting near river Ganges for about an hour, eyes open and without any movement in her body.

Her sight was continuously gazing at a particular point, seemed like she was talking to her soul and has entered into another world. Later on, I discovered that she was practicing mindfulness technique of meditation. After her practice was over her face muscles were fully calm and she was wearing a peaceful smile which felt as if she has discovered herself. I was now more curious to know what exactly yoga and meditation is, moreover what people think about it and how they follow in their life, so I thought to explore a bit more by talking to more people. I met a woman who is doing regularyoga abhyas and meditational practices since 10 long years.




She said she didn’t miss even a single, because meditation and yoga completes her. She adds on by saying as bathing helps in cleansing her body similarly meditation or dhyan is bathing of her soul. She also teaches others the real meaning of yoga and meditation, not only by telling them the procedure of performing asanas but she also make them live the life of a yogi or yogini. She has been working on some techniques for self actualization even which again took me to another level of curiosity.

I thought Self actualization seems a big word and even is hard to achieve but she told two very easy steps to achieve it i.e., atmabodh and tatvabodh. She believe that every night we die and every day is a new life in this perspective only she discussed atmabodh is analyzing the whole day before we begin our day and tatvabodh is analyzing the full day routine before going to bed. This helps in refining one’s personality and helps them to lead a disciplined life. After talking to her I felt like I’ve got the way to reach my inner self, there could not be any other easy and comfortable way to reach the state of self actualization. I totally loved that and looking forward to explore that on me.


It is not the abandonment of action but it is the correct performance in the correct spirit. It is not about running away from civilization. It is actually the shaping of one’s attitude to home and society at large with a new understanding. It is not avoiding life; it is living life to its fullest, these are the benefits of yoga.




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