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The first thing that comes in any Indian mind when he wants to celebrate the new years in Goa. Goa being the Vegas of India attracts thousands and lakhs of tourists from all around the country and caters them with almost everything.

Goa is the ideal place for every Indian to bid the best goodbye to the year and welcoming the New Year. Goans celebrate Christmas and New Years like no one else in the country. The Churches adorned with Lights on a Christmas Eve and New Years are worth witnessing.




During this time of the year, the evening sky fills up with fireworks and light shows. The streets enhanced with frills and spangles. Lighting up

a Lantern on an evening towards a light-up sky with other Lanterns and wishing for a great and eventful year ahead.


Goa has to offer everyone and the best of everything from serving the best of food with the best colours schemes in the backdrop and pageantry. Be it partying on the happening beach of Calangute or Baga beach or a night spent gam-
bling your money in a Casino never hurts unless you win some of it before the night ends. Casino’s do have some in-house party so its a win-win situation on a New year eve in Goa if you have second doubts.


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Or else, the best thing could be spending a night on Palolem beach sitting on the seashore embracing the sea accompanied by your friends sitting and singing around a bonfire living that moment to the fullest.


To give a perfect ending to the year, Goa organises a music festival at the end of every year to give a pleasant welcome to the New Year. Either way, you will find your body moving on those beats. Reliving the time of your lives and ending the year with a bang is all one want at the end.




Everyone does head towards Goa for the year ending for a cold breeze on a seashore chaperoned with a Barbeque on a warm cosy evening. And if you are thinking that you have to compromise regarding the taste and flavours of food then you must know that Goa has to serve you with the best in-fused seafood around the country and if in case you are love animals and don’t believe in eating them then don’t worry Goa food will take care of that too.




The mouthwatering food and cocktails on a small shack of Goa are all that food enthusiasts and wanderer wants on a New Year spent in Goa when the beaches come to life and lit up with celebrations. Tourists packing the streets in the market looking for good local food.




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