Things not carry During treks!!

If I talk about trek there are lots of thing one should remember which most of us forget and face problem during the trek. No worries I’m here to solve your problem just a few things to remember and you will never face a difficulty during trek. I remember my first trek it was very embarrassing for me at times but I learned a lot once I started to pen down the problem leading me to find the solutions. So are you ready to pen down –





Taking a bag full of clothes is not at all appreciated when it comes to trekking. It is very obvious for the beginners to think that extra clothes are mandatory when to come to travel especially for cleanliness freak.


Just carry one two t-shirts a lower with you that’s it. Always keep your half bag empty as you might have to carry your bag with you during trek. Just manage your hygiene and have one spare pair of clothes with you.




Remember always to wear comfortable clothes during trek, now people say they are comfortable in jeans and some say jeans is better to wear as it is warm than lower or pants but they are wrong. In case they get wet jeans will take time to get wet so always wear easy light comfortable clothes during your trek.


I’ve also seen people wearing leather jacket during trek as they think it is thick and will them from winters but instead of that one should prefer feathery or woolen jackets suitable for 10 degrees temperature also.


Always carry layers with you and in fact one can carry 3-4 thin layers depending on the month you are trekking, these layers trap your body heat and resulting in keeping your body warm. Some people say sleeping bags are enough but sleeping bag can’t stand in itself in 10 degree temperature you need layers to cover to body inside sleeping bag.




I fail to understand why people don’t believe in using trekking pole is it their ego which stop them or something else but always remember to use trekking pole. It simply helps in balancing and using trekking pole doesn’t make you look like oldies.

things-to-not-carry-during-treks-vagabond-holidaysIn fact using trekking pole while descending is a boom for every trekker. Also it saves your energy also.

So, leave your vague reasons behind and don’t feel shy in using trekking pole.




4. Packing toiletries for a trek –


I have personally seen people carrying shampoos, face wash, different creams, lip shades moisturizer, sunscreen, sanitizer, soap, shower gel, deodrant and what not?  All such stuff adds extra unwanted weight to your luggage resulting in problems.

Only carry toothbrush a single cream which will work for your face and body and as sunscreen too, because in trekking you will have to ignore your beauty hacks. If you want to smell nice then carry pocket deodorant or tiny roll on. For medicines don’t carry full first aid box just carry your tablets you think might help you.




When it comes to purchase a bag pack usually an individual selects a bag which is suggest best by the salesman and fails to understand his need of bag pack.


One should always good bag pack with an internal frame looking compact but fully spacious. It should look like a sack hanged over you with full of luggage. Most important thing in bag pack mostly trekkers forget your bag must carry all important straps attached to it required for trekking.




Now this ego game is really a turning point, people usually begin to walk fast in beginning to show their energy or they are strong which results they lose all stamina and energy too soon. There is a saying too “slow and steady runs the race”


Always begin with slow trek as slow as you can, I love taking baby steps and just enjoy your journey of trekking. Do let your breath go even a bit high in comparison to your normal breath.




This one is just like icing to the cake. Almost every experienced trekker would suggest you never underestimate your trek. As people selects easy trek and really consider easy as easy ones but remember a trek is never easy. If there is no excitement or challenges then how can we call it a trek?

Remember, always consider your trek a difficult one and be mentally ready for all challenges and bear all sorts of circumstances. Even the easiest treks on Himalayas are difficult ones it’s just that they are easy in comparison to other trek which are really challenging ones. Be ready for any problem because you are on higher altitude where you cannot even trust on weather.




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