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Churdhar is located in (Sirmour) district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The sanctuary is named after the Churdhar Peak. Locals have named Churdhar peak after deity Shri Shirgul Maharaj or Chureshwar Maharaj who used to live here in ancient times.


A Breathtaking View from the top of Churdhar Peak, Himachal Churdhar aka Churi-Chandni Dhar (Bangles of snow ridge) is the highest peak in the outside Himalayan range. The peak is surrounded with a 56 square km forest sanctuary, which make the trekking a delightful affair.

Churdhar (elevation of 12000 feet) is the highest peak in Sirmour district and is also the highest peak in the outer Himalayas.

The peak has a great religious significance for the people of Sirmour, Shimla, Chaupal and Solan of Himachal Pradesh and Dehradun of Uttrakhand.


Churdhar top is the immense heap of the Shivalik ranges and the most noteworthy mountain outside the Himalayan reaches at a level of 11695 feet. This is arranged in the Sirmour region of Himachal Pradesh. Srigul Devta sanctuary underneath the culmination is a journey committed to Ruler Shiva and has extraordinary strict importance the nation over.


Churdhar usually called Chur-Chandini-Dhar(Bangles of Snow Edge) has a lovely scene embellished with rich Verdure. The 56 sq kilometers region around the pinnacle is perceived as an asylum and is named Churdhar Safe-haven after the pinnacle.


Churdhar top being the most elevated, it is apparent from Shimla, Kasauli, and Kurfi. George Everest(British assessor and geographer, eponym of Mount Everest) made his galactic perusing of Himalayan mountains from this pinnacle.


Churdhar top journey is a wonderful encounter. It's a stroll across the thick deodar woodland among the rocks and mists uncovering the all encompassing perspective on mountains at the culmination.


The north essence of this mountain is generally covered with snow for very nearly a half year providing us with an astonishing perspective on snow-covered mountains remembering reaches and pinnacles of Badrinath and Kedarnath for the Garhwal area.


 Towards the south, it gives a dynamite perspective on swamp parcels. The pleased snapshot of being large and in charge while remaining on the most noteworthy pinnacles is beyond value. The exciting perspective from the pinnacle would leave you puzzled.


 Tired sun saying farewell for the day with colors that would ease up your night from behind the mists into the snow-clad mountains is a second worth all your track to the pinnacle.


 Churdhar Top at an impression for trek:-

  • Articulated as: Choor-Dhar
  • State: Himachal Pradesh
  • Area: Sirmour
  • Language communicated in: Hindi
  • Atmospheric condition: Cold practically all the year
  • Temperature: Temperature decreases to - 3 degrees celsius during winters and ascends to a    limit of 20-25 degrees celsius during summers.
  • Max Elevation: 12,000 ft
  • Best Time: May to Nov
  • Trouble: Moderate
  • Base: Nohradhar (The most popular and ideal course is a 20kms journey uphill)
  • Chaupal ( situated in Shimla region is the most limited journey course of 7kms)
  • Haripurdhar( situated in Sirmour locale is the longest journey course of 50kms)
  • Term: Least of 1 day and a limit of 2days
  • Journey type: Steep path through the verdant and rough way. The last part is extremely steep( Practically vertical whenever taken a more limited course and moderate whenever taken long).
  • Closest Aviation routes: Jubbarhatti Airport(23kms from Shimla)
  • Closest Railhead:
  • Closest city: Chaupal

Widely varied vegetation


Greenery :-

  • A thick woods comprising of Deodar, Oak, and Pine trees are seen up and down the way.
  • Restorative spices like Aloe vera and Amaranthus Spinosus are tracked down richly around here.
  • Wild Himalayan Cherry likewise ordinarily called Padam is a holy plant in Hindu folklore with various restorative advantages is seen as here.


  • The state bird of Himachal Pradesh, The Himalayan Monal which is wonderfully decked up in everything rainbow tones can be sited here.
  • Red Wilderness Fowl which is a tropical bird is found around here.
  • Indian Pea Fowls/Peacocks are arranged in bigger numbers around here.
  • Minimal vivid birds Colorful Giggling Thrush and Koklass Fowls are additionally found around here
  • Creatures like Yelping Deer, Goral, Panther, Wild Pig, and Pika are a found on this area.
  • Canine-toothed Musk Deer and Asiatic Dark Brew occupy the higher woods.


Must-Get things done in Churdhar :-

  1. Visit Shirgul Devta sanctuary

Other than the experience Churdhar is where individuals look for the favors of Ruler Shiva and Shrigul Devta, the directing divine force of the land.

Shirgul Devta Sanctuary as per the Puranas is committed to ruler shiva. This sanctuary which is arranged at the level of 3640mts above ocean level is supposed to be around 5000 years of age.

The sanctuary is named after a god Shri Shrigul Maharaj or Chureshwar Maharaj who used to live here in old times. The little sanctuary worked from Deodar wood and stones that revered life-size Shivling and symbols of Shiva and Parvati has been changed into a twofold story tin-roofed structure.

By offering petitions to Shrigul Devta at Churdhar sanctuary pioneers then keep on offering supplications to Master Shiva who lives in Kedarnath and Badrinath altars. These sacred pinnacles can be seen in the far off North-East from here when the sky is clear.


  1. Camp at Jamnalal

Jamnalal is the most delightful spot on the whole trip. The principal campground you show up at when you begin to travel from Nohradhar.


After a stroll in the thick timberland, you will be welcomed with a major open field which is Jamnala. This is delightful lavish green level land with delicate inclines, knolls, and floods of water. It is in the middle between the backwoods and is a praiseworthy remaining choice.


The View here resembles an ideal postcard. Scarcely any slows down give food and remaining choices however they will be shut during winters. You can set up your shelter and partake in a lovely stay here. The twilight landscape during the night changes into a fantastic land.


  1. Visit Haripurdhar

Haripurdhar which is a good ways off of 27kms from Churdhar is the late spring capital of Sirmour is arranged on a high edge disregarding a profound valley at a level of 2500mtrs above ocean level.


A lovely odd slope station is known for its beautiful excellence like some other spot of Himachal Pradesh. Haripurdhar is popular for the most old Maa Bhangayani Sanctuary. Strong goddess of the state and is known as the godsister of Shrigul Mahadev. This sanctuary is situated at the lower regions of Shivalik ranges at Haripurdhar.


Fascinating Realities


  • George Everest(British assessor and geographer, eponym of Mount Everest) made his cosmic perusing of Himalayan mountains from this pinnacle.
  • The sacred water at the Chur sanctuary is a gift from Ruler Shiva who is accepted to have acquired the water from Mansarovar lake China involved Tibet in the far off past.
  • It is accepted that Ruler Hanuman observed Sanjeevni Booti at this pinnacle which saved the existence of Master Lakshman in the fight with Lanka lord Ravana as portrayed in the Hindu Incredible Ramayana.
  • As indicated by local people, gods Shrigul Devta and Bijjat Maharaj had a centuries-old quarrel which is over to end now following 1500 years in a joint Jagran. It is accepted that the gods have requested local people to sort out a divinity fair where the two divinities will meet.




There are three base areas to arrive at the Churdhar top.

  1. Nohradhar of SIrmour area

○             The journey from Nohradhar is the most renowned and is a broadly utilized course to arrive at the pinnacle.

○             The all out distance to be covered will be 20kms.

○             Nohradhar is a little village in the Sirmour area.


  1. Chaupal of Shimla region

○             The trip from Chaupal is the most limited of each of the three journey courses.

○             The complete distance to be covered will be 7kms.

○             Chaupal is a town and Nagar panchayat in the Shimla region.


  1. Haripurdhar of Sirmour region

○             The trip from Haripurdhar is the longest of each of the three journey courses.

○             The complete distance to be covered will be 50kms

○             Haripurdhar is a modest community arranged on a high edge in the Sirmour area.


The above data will assist you with choosing the base point.

Presently, How to arrive at the base area to begin the journey?


  • BY Transport:

Solan, Shimla, Nahan, and Kalka are the closest urban areas from where there are transports accessible to any of the basepoints.

  • Via AIR:

            There are three closest air terminals you can browse, from where you can associate with your basepoint by means of taxi/transports.

1) Jubarhatti Air terminal of Shimla(a territorial air terminal with very little network) is a ways off of 125kms to Churdhar

2) Chandigarh Worldwide Air terminal is a ways off of 148kms to Churdhar

3) Cheerful Award Air terminal of Dehradun is a ways off of 176kms to Churdhar


  • Via TRAIN:

            The major closest railroad stations are

             Kalka Rail route Station(KLK)

             Chandigarh Rail route Station(CDG)

            The more modest closest rail route station is

             Solan Rail route Station(SOL)





  • Be responsible for your activities and don't litter in the open.
  • Try not to convey plastic jugs.
  • Embarrass no strict convictions or culture of individuals living there.
  • Try not to enter/contact any spot/thing without looking for consent.
  • Assuming you are new to the spot, meander without no aide or sidekick.
  • Try not to convey superfluous things which could accumulate as undesirable weightage.
  • Try not to meander alone, Wild bears are found around here and are probably going to go after independent voyagers than the people who travel in gatherings.



  • Do adhere to the guidelines and guidelines of the spot.
  • Be amenable to individuals.
  • Do regard the practices of the spot.
  • As a dependable vacationer, get any covering lying on the way and drop it in the garbage cans. Nature will bless your heart.
  • Continuously ask authorization prior to clicking pictures.


THINGS TO Recollect BEFORE YOU START THE tour for churdhar :-

  • Churdhar journey is a decently troublesome track with sharp up-slope and down-slope ways at a high height which may be trying for novices. Choose your endurance prior to going all in.
  • Journey turns out to be profoundly troublesome during outrageous winters and stormy seasons. So better stay away from during those seasons.
  • The snow-shrouded trail at a couple of focuses could make the way more skiddy and defenseless. Along these lines, do convey snowshoes relying upon the long stretch of your movement.
  • Do convey comfortable garments since the weather conditions is cold and can get crisp on occasion.
  • Convey sufficient water as the way is steeply disposed and you wouldn't track down topping off focuses on the way.
  • There are relatively few diners on the way. Along these lines, convey nuts and chocolates to keep you invigorated.


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Day 1: Drive from Delhi to Nauradhar (2175 meters) and then an easy trek from Nauradhar to Jam Nallah. (2855 meters)

Nauradhar is a small town where one can purchase basic essentials. Trek starts right from the center of this town.
First 2 km is a bit steep, and after that, it is a gradual incline through a forest of pine trees till Jam Nallah, our first-day camping site.

Day 2: Moderate trek from Jam Nallah to Churdhar Peak (3655 meters) and return

During a trek of almost 5 hours, you don’t feel tired as the striking views, like that of the Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks, ranges of Lahaul and Spiti, a thick forest full of chirping noises, Gujjars with their cattle and many more, keep your energy level up. Also, a few other charming spots and temples, that you come across while you are on the way to Churdhar, make the journey unforgettable. After that, we start our descend towards the campsite.

Day 3: Trek back from Jam Nallah to Nauradhar and then we drive back from Nauradhar to Delhi

We descend down from Jam Nallah to Nauradhar. It would take 3-4 hours to reach Nauradhar from Jam Nallah. Later we drive back to Delhi from Nauradhar.

  • Transportation from Delhi & Gurgaon
  • Meal (03 Breakfast + 02 Dinner)
  • Accommodations in Camps
  • All Local Sightseeing
  • Driver Night Charges, Toll Tax & Parking Charges
  • Team Captain Throughout The Trip
  • GST (5%) is applicable extra.
  • any kind of food or beverage that is not included in the package like alcoholic drinks, mineral water, meals/refreshments/lunches on the highway.
  • Any personal expenses like tip to the drivers, entry to monuments/monasteries, camera/video camera charges, camel safari, river rafting, laundry, telephone bills tips etc.
  • Any cost arising due to natural calamities like landslides, roadblocks etc. (to be borne directly by the customers on the spot)
  • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions.
  • Any damages to bike except engine damages has to be borne by the client.


Note :

  1. If Minimum group strength is not met , we have the right to cancel the departure.
  2. Should you wish to customise the trip as per your preferred date, separate charges will apply.