The choice of honeymoon destinations plays a significant role for every newlywed. It not only decides the list of exciting activities to engage in but also lays the ground to know each other better, to embrace the newly established bond.

Here’s the list of ten luxurious honeymoon destinations for you and your loved one to have the experience of a lifetime.

1. Greece

Greece-Honeymoon-Couple-Santorini (1)

Greece is an enchanting country located in the southern part of the European continent. Greece has dozens of islands, and each of them has distinct characteristics. What makes it a luxurious honeymoon destination? The soothing mix of white and blue in Santorini make it romantically alive. The serene view of the deepest sea and volcano is a treat to the eyes. Not just white and blue, you’ll also witness the sky painted in tints of golden and pink as the sun signs off for the day.

2. Kohala Coast, Hawaii

Kohala Coast, Hawaii (1)

Hawaii is a very happening and very popular vacation destination. How can one not think of a sunny day at the beach on hearing Hawaii?! But, as per millions of reviews, Hawaii can offer one of the best honeymoon experiences. The Big Island of Hawaii is very authentic. Out of all the islands, it is the least money oriented. The focus is on letting you and your better half have an experience of a lifetime. You can engage in helicopter rides, snorkelling at night and do so much more together.

3. Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy (1)

Lake Como in Italy is a beautiful clear blue lake that is situated opposite the scenic Alps.

Cruise trips, authentic pasta and cathartic long walks in the villages. Oh, we’re sure you’d explore so much more to remember your honeymoon forever and ever. It never gets monotonous by the lakeside.

4. Pacific Harbor, Fiji

Tokoriki-Island-Fiji-Islands-vagabondholidays (1) (1)

Peace, tranquillity, romance? You will find it all there. The clean waters of Fiji are soothing. Fiji should be on your list, a perfect destination to get rid of wedding fatigue, and create memories too. Fiji has numerous luxurious properties. The most exciting part remains to be the presence of private islands. Yes, you heard that right!

5. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French Polynesia (1)

Bora Bora is located remotely. A site for newlyweds who desire to remember their honeymoon with peace, and flowing water in it. The place is very popular for scuba diving. It also has some marvellous coral reefs, a sight to behold. You’ll also be amazed to see the longest stretch of pretty white beach.

6. Andaman Islands, India

andaman-honeymoon-vagabond-holidays (2)

Andaman Island is a  perfect destination for honeymooners looking for a blend of romance, luxury and adventure. The beaches will not fail to impress you, with a golden tint they are best suitable for long walks, deep talks or just sunbathing. You can simply dive in and see the environment’s wonder, the vibrant coral reefs. Hand-in-hand you can witness the amazing phenomenon of bioluminescence at Havelock Island.

7. Paris, France

romantic holidays for couple in Paris, honeymoon vacation in France, Europe, man and woman kissing near Eiffel tower

Paris is very accurately called the city of love. We’re sure you’ve had Paris in your mind at least once.

Which better city than Paris to express love to your better half?!

With a scrumptious variety of food, well-aged wine, and magnificent architecture, the capital has it all.

One of the best parts about choosing the city of love and light is that you get to choose and design your honeymoon. Keep it classic or make it over-the-top fancy, or perhaps artsy?!

8. Buenos Aires, Argentine

Buenos Aires, Argentine

Argentina to make the experience spicy and romantic both, YES!

The capital city is very popularly known for its lively late-night life. You’ve got to be in Argentina, you’ve got to grove to the beats, you’ve got to do the iconic tango!

You can relish some of the best-grilled cuisines, capture the picturesque city and simply enjoy the vividness.

9. Colorado

colorado honeymoon

Coloured in magical white snow in the winter months, Colorado is a beautiful place to be in. It is popularly known for the best skiing experience in the United States. The experience in Colorado will be an adventurous one. You can go ice skating, snow tubing and dog sledging etc. You also get the option of taking a break and experiencing relaxing spa sessions.

10. Iceland


Iceland is a honeymoon destination that promises a long list of adventures. The thrilling itinerary includes gazing at the magnificent Northern lights in the winter, exploring the historical caves and riding horses, seeing the spectacular glaciers and the contrasting hot springs etc. Icelands, while they may sound all icy and cold, can be a wonderful place for a gentle exchange of warm feelings 😉

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