Things To Buy In Kasol 2024

Kasol – Mini Israeli of India

Situated between Bhuntar and Manikaran (a holy place for Sikhs), kasol is home to hippies and solo travellers who love to explore the serenity within their budget. With the increasing number of Israelis, kasol hippie market has become a mini Israel of India.

Kasol is a picturesque village and tourist destination located in the lower Himalayas region of the north western Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The spectacular mountains and lush surrounding valleys offer visitors a welcome relief from India’s overcrowded cities’ heat, noise, and chaos. Kasol has an incredible array of exciting things to do. see and experience that will excite any traveller and summer and winter season are the best seasons for travellers.


If you are only coming for one or two days, it would be best to explore all the different places around town. You can start off by spending the day walking around in the old town center and eventually make your way to the Parvati river that passes through Kasol.


Hike down a trail along the river to Chalal or continue further up to Choj village. If you stay a little longer, you could easily spend all day checking out all of the different places around town and then head off on a trek. A few great options include Tosh, Kheerganga, Malana, Grahan, and Rasol, which will lead you to the scenic view.


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Flea Market In Kasol

The city and colorful flea market has tons of wonderful stuff, you can grab to take home with you everything a hipsters needs in his baggie chillums to bongs.

shopping in kasol, which we all do on a trip to keep the memories alive. The city colorful flea hippie market kasol
has plenty of wonderful stuff that you can grab to take back home.


kasol shopping market offers you with the best local stuff in the nearest flea market famous as stoners paradise.

Kasol flea market has everything a hippie backpacker is looking from chillums to attractive bongs, handcrafted stones, dream catchers, and the most famous colorful attractive. Himachali caps made from best quality wool and finest handwork.


If planning for a trippy party tonight night vision glasses, neon trinkets and accessories will lit up your party night.


There will be numerous shops selling the same goods so don’t stabbed on one, keep moving you’ll find plentiful wonderous material.


After all, bargaining is a must kasol famous things to buy so brush up your skills and head towards the shop’s area and visit for more. to visit kasol market, book your trip with vagabond holidays.


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Kasol apart from its never-ending eye-popping landscapes is also famous for its little bustling flea market. The right place to purchase souvenirs for family and friends and there will be lots of things to buy in kasol at the most affordable prices which on looking at back home, reminds you of memories crafted in this place.

Here Are Few Things To Buy In Kasol:-

Semi-precious stones:

With little flea market at each corner selling different handiworks, woolen covers and garments, remember to search for arm bands, neckbands, pendants, knickknacks and different embellishments made of semi-valuable stones! They are vivid, pretty and are an extraordinary expansion to your storage room, so snatch yourself some without a doubt!

Bob Marley t-shirts:

A Shiva and Bob Marley shirt is compulsory for each trendy person who visits Kasol! Here, you’ll handily find Bob Marley shirts, banners, groups and wristbands in each conceivable variety since this piece of Himachal! So don’t even for one second consider returning without getting yourself one or perhaps a couple.


So while you’re in Kasol, you couldn’t in any way, shape or form leave without getting some brilliant looking chillums, bongs and astonishing hallucinogenic gleam in obscurity tees. The market is loaded up with such stuff at modest costs, so set your inward shopaholic free!

Himachali Caps:


The wonderful city of Himachal eases up the flea markets with its conventional painstaking work and hand tailored merchandise. So in the event that you’re in Kasol interestingly, remember to go winter shopping and go a little overboard on their brilliant and delightful Himachali covers produced using the best quality fleece and best hand work!

Dream Catchers:

Shopping-in-Kasol (1)

Overwhelmed with different tribes, the flea markets of Kasol have probably the prettiest dream catchers for you to bring back home! Accessible in different varieties, sizes and plans, the fantasy catchers are a should purchase from here for they vow to be an extraordinary expansion to your rooms!

Hand Knitted Woolen Clothes:

Kasol flea markets offers a large number of painstaking work and hand painted things. Himachal is renowned for its conventional handiworks, handknit garments and the best of embellishments, so go a little overboard away and get yourself an ideal keepsake!

Brush your bartering abilities as they will prove to be useful when you shop at Kasol’s swap meets!

Prayer Wheels:

Prayer Wheels - Things To Buy In Kasol

Prayer wheels offer so much more than Instagram-worthy aesthetics. They are considered to be a symbol of optimism and are believed to bring good luck.

In Tibetan culture, they are symbolic of hope. You can find them in varying sizes and designs. Take both good times and good luck from Kasol.

Psychedelic Paintings:

Consumed the best hash? Take home the memories of the thrilling experience painted in different colours.

You are sure to find some very immersive paintings, those that will look superb on the walls of your house. A feeling that cannot be explained, see it in a beautiful form, laid on the canvas. No matter which part of the world you reside in, you’ll be in Kasol yet again.



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