Top 10 Places To Visit In Kasol 2024

1. Tosh village in Kasol

Among the best places to visit in Kasol. Tosh is splendid creation of God. It’s a  gorgeous village situated on a hill in Parvati valley near kasol .It is guarded by mountains which are covered by snow during winters giving a spectacular image. Wooden houses here are an ideal example of village architecture and are a perfect stay for all of us living in concrete jungles. A distinct smell of marijuana hits you as you enter the village making the whole experience even more exciting (wink). The most crispy and sweet green apples are found here and apple orchards are the main source of income for the locals. The meadows and valleys around the Tosh are filled with blue poppies, buttercups, and Himalayan balsam flowers and are bliss to the naked eyes. Exploring Tosh is an untold experience all by itself.

2. Manikaran Sahib in Kasol

Manikaran Sahib is a pilgrimage for both Hindus and Sikhs and is situated just 6km away from the town of Kasol. The Gurudwara at Manikaran Sahib is one of the most adored journey sites in Sikhism and is one of the most outstanding places to visit in Kasol. You can either hike or hitch a ride to reach the place. The serene view of this gurdwara is a treat for thy. This temple is beautifully located tucked in between grander mountains and the cold untamed Beas river. At the high point of Manikaran Sahib is a naturally occurring hot water spring which is located in the premise of Gurudwara and a dip in this hot spring is considered holy. Also, do not miss the ’langar’ which is wholesome and delicious.


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3. Malana village in Kasol

Malana is a village with the oldest democracies in the world which is situated in Malana Nala, a side Valley of Parvati river. The purest form of hash ”Malana Cream” which is famous around the globe is made here in Malana. The village with its surreal beauty and unique distinct culture surely can lure one. The architecture and the serenity resembling that of Greece, Malana is also called ”Little Greece”. With many taboos being told and mysterious stories being woven in the name of this village, it gained the limelight of the world. To visit Malana is a rare experience all in all one must encounter when in Kasol.

4. Rasol village in Kasol

Rasol is one among the many other villages of Parvati valley and is situated at the same height as Malana. This village is lesser-known hence less crowded than other villages. Like any other villages in the valley, this village has its own and distinct beauty to explore and engage in. Lush green mountains piercing the blue skies, quaint little homes, and fresh breeze to soothe one’s soul. This is a perfect place if you want to spend quiet and quality time in nature away from the mass. But, the only way to reach this place is on foot and takes around 3 hours. There are homestays available to residents and people are very sociable and generous. The food menu is quite basic and relatively expensive since the only way food supplies are bought is by mules and is a difficult task on this bumpy terrain.


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5. Pulga village in Kasol

Yet another beautiful village in the Parvati valley which is the epitome of raw beauty and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kasol. An offbeat expedition away from all the hustle, Pulga is serene with a bunch of people. Bright colored houses with an abundance of Graffiti and a traditional ‘Machan’ adds as an interesting element of the village. The signal connectivity is surprisingly stable here. The fairy forest in Pulga is truly a wonderland with the Deodar trees almost touching the sky. The rays of sun magically traveling through the long bushy trees to reach the ground is an impeccable scene to watch and does complete justice to the name ‘Fairy Forest’.

6. Grahan Village in Kasol

An offbeat village In the Parvati valley to find solitude and tranquility. The haul to the village starts from the left side of the old Kasol bridge. The 9km trek in the wilderness alongside the river Parvati gives you zen vibes. There are many small daunting bridges to cross along the way. The whole land seems so perfect like a postcard. The sunrise and sunsets are to die for. The sun beaming across the pine trees painting the blue sky with different colors and the rays dancing across the mountain peaks is bliss to the sore eye. The Grahan Village Waterfall is at a little hike-able distance from the village which gushes up from the rocks Into the pools down. This would be a small escape from the village to explore the surroundings and markets. The nights In this village are surreal with billions of stars smiling back at you and plenty of shooting stars dancing across. Make all the wishes you desired and exchange the stories with the galaxies above you.



7. Bhuntar

Bhuntar is a town near Kasol in the lap of the Himalayas. A laid back destination situated in the Parvati Valley, it is one of the most quiet places to visit in Kasol. There are plenty of things to explore in Bhuntar in its lush green surroundings. An ideal gateway for both adventure seekers and nature lovers. The famous Bhijili Mahadev temple and Jaganath temple are located here and are major tourist attractions. Beas river flows through Bhuntar which paves the way to a major adventure water sport, river rafting. Rich flora and fauna and picturesque surroundings make the place an ideal hangout spot in summers to relax and rejuvenate.

8. Chalal

A quaint, secluded mountain village in the Parvati valley famous for its trance parties. A narrow bridge loosely hanging upon the gushing Parvati river marks the start of the Chalal trek. Wait there before you continue forward and admire the view for once. That’s astonishing. A 30minutes walk along the narrow trail on the banks of the Parvati river with colorful orchards is breathtakingly beautiful yet a bit treacherous. Trust me, it will be all worthy in the end.  Slay-headed parakeets dance merrily welcoming you to the village. Apricot trees are seen everywhere in this village, which blossoms during spring adding that extra glitter to the whole place. Chalal is a happily merry place with the best hospitality.

9. Nakthan Village

A beautiful settlement that sits between the mountains of upper Kullu. This is a pit stop for trekkers of kheerganga from Bashini and can be accessed only by walking. This is situated at an altitude of 2300mts on a hill with the Parvati river flowing at its foot. This village has traditionally built houses with the snowclad mountains hanging in the backdrop. The narrow lanes of the village and functionally structured houses are so fascinating for people like us living in the materialistic world. A temple with intricate carvings is situated in this village.

10. Nature Park

At walking distance from Himachal’s city centre, you’ll be welcomed by soothing greenery! A treat to the eyes, the greenery of the Park will have you awestruck.

Not a problem if you have toddlers tagging along, the Park provides a safe playing area for them and a respite for you!

The park also hosts a well-maintained herb garden, the aroma of which will most definitely entice you.

As you would walk through the lush green park, you’ll also find a sculpture of Buddha meditating under a tree.

And, for those whose trips are incomplete without water, the Parvati River is flowing through the park. You’ve got to be here!

For More Details & Book Your Trip Click Here >> (Kasol Trip)

For More Details & Book Your Trip Click Here >> (Kasol Trip)

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