How Difficult Is Churdhar Trek?

How Difficult Is Churdhar Trek?

Churdhar Trek is one of the highest peaks in the outside Himalayan range. It is a holy site associated with Shri Shirugal Maharaj, also known as Chureshwar Maharaj, and a well-worshipped deity in Sirmour and Chaupal. Churdhar trek has three sides to reach. But the shortest and the most followed is the Naurdhar route in the Sirmour District.

A 56-square-kilometer woodland reserve surrounds the top, making the trek a beautiful experience. The walk involves a strenuous hike through a thick Deodar Forest, terraced farmland, and Gujjar pastureland.


Churdhar Peak has a stripe of snow on its upper ridge the entire year and is visible from Shimla, Kasauli, Solan, and Kufri. Every trek creates a wide variety of memories. One of the most enduring ones is the one that makes you fear for your life. How about a trek up Churdhar Peak?

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Churdhar Trek Difficulty Range

Every journey has a range for every trekker. If you’re new to trekking or don’t engage in much physical activity, you should think about an easy to moderate hike. Each trek has a specific range of difficulty, which may be discovered when making a reservation or reading more about it.

The difficulty range for the Churdhar Peak trek is moderately difficult. This adds that you need to travel by foot to a height of 12,000 feet. This indicates that you will have to climb a steep trail. So you need to make sure you’re in shape for the hike.

For a moderate trek, one needs to have some physical fitness which includes:

Cardiovascular Stamina

The Churdhar peak is about 32 miles and is a two-day trek. This adds that one should have a good amount of stamina. To prepare yourself, you can start by adding daily jogs. Begin your jogging at a steady pace and gradually pick up the speed as you go.


While trekking carryings bags isn’t a very simple task During the hike, you will have to walk across uneven ground. It could be difficult for your legs. Leg strengthening will help with this. For this, you can add up some exercises like squats which will help to strengthen them. Around 3 sets of 8 squats each should be performed at starting and you can raise it more.


You need to be mobile or flexible while performing treks. This can make your trek more comfortable. Your muscles must be rested when you reach the slopes after your trip. Even a small bag might eventually become tiresome to carry. You can get in shape for the trek using these activities.

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These are a few things to have in mind before going on any treks :-

The Churdhar trek offers a path that is first fairly simple to follow before turning steep and muddy, making it much more difficult to trek without the proper boots.


Additionally, bring your medical kit with you, which should contain prescription medication, a bandage, cotton, antiseptic solution, and any spray for sprains and aches.

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