Why is Churdhar Peak Famous?

When making travel plans we frequently consider the location’s beauty, the trek’s level of difficulty, the weather, and—most frequently—what the area is known for. Such queries run through everyone’s head. The basic elements of trekking are the hills and the weather, but some of them have additional features that lure hikers to the destination. Just like, Churdhar peak is blessed with some of the breathtaking scenery in our area.

However, the famous beauty and its importance will provide you with a clear and wide connection with the place and may lead to setting up your mind for your next trek and its definitely churdhar peak trek.

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Churdhar Peak: Famous Attractions

1) The Flora And Fauna:

Churdha Peak is surrounded by a 56 square km forest sanctuary, which is home to a rich variety of flora and wildlife. It can be reached via a difficult climb through a deodar forest, terraced fields, and Gujjar pasturelands. Additionally well known for its abundance of herbs, stunning alpine vegetation, and wildlife like Monal and Koklass. Several different species of birds can be spotted there.

For those who love the wild, this trek is a paradise.

2) Religious Places:

Every year, a wide range of travelers comes to Shirgul Devta Temple to offer their prayers in hopes of receiving the Lord’s blessing. It is a location where travelers bathe, cleanse their souls of sin, and express appreciation to Lord Shiva by pouring water on the Linga.

The temple is almost 5000 years old and is located at a height of 3640 meters above sea level.

3)The Wide Range Of Exquisite Views:

Just like the Churdhar’s forest has its beauty after leaving the woodlands behind, the walk is fascinating. The views are breathtaking once you are about to reach the summit. Badrinath, Kedarnath, the Gangetic basin, the Sutlej River, Shimla, Chail, Kufri, Kasauli, and Chakrata may all be seen on a clear day.

4) The Breath-Taking Weather:

From Shrigul Devta Temple, there is a difficult ascent to the mountain through boulder fields and cloudy skies. Mountain ranges covered in snow surround you. This is one of those life-changing moments that will simply blow your mind. On the route to the wind-whipped churdhar peak it also has moderate to heavy snowfall, hikers cross min, or glaciers.

Mother nature and what lies beyond our comfort zones, and we must always be prepared to embrace this.

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History of Churdhar Temple

The construction of the Churdhar Temple is an interesting tale. According to legend, Churu, a Shiva devotee, once traveled to Churdhar Temple with his kid. A gigantic snake emerged out of the center of the large stones at the same instant.


Churu and his son were about to be killed when a snake ran at them. For God Shiva to spare his life, he prayed. The miracle of Lord Shiva caused some of the large stones to fall off the snake, killing it and saving Churu’s and his son’s lives in the process.


According to legend, the name of the temple was changed to Churdhar after it. there are many facts abouot churdhar trek,  Kaki devotees travel from all around to this location. Another name for a big rock is the Churu stone, which has religious senses. vagabond holidays are considered as experts of churdhar trek.


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