Churdhar Travel Guide 2024


1. Visit Shirgul Devta temple in Churdhar


Besides the adventure, Churdhar is the place where people seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and Shrigul Devta, the presiding god of the land.

Shirgul Devta Temple according to the Puranas is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple which is situated at the height of 3640mts above sea level is said to be around 5000 years old.

The temple is named after a deity Shri Shrigul Maharaj or Chureshwar Maharaj who used to live here in ancient times. The small temple built from Deodar wood and stones that enshrined life-size Shivling and idols of Shiva and Parvati has been transformed into a double-story tin-roofed structure.

By offering prayers to Shrigul Devta at Churdhar temple pilgrims then continue to offer prayers to Lord Shiva who lives in Kedarnath and Badrinath shrines. These holy Churdhar Peak Trek can be spotted in the distant North-East from here when the sky is clear.


2. Camp at Jamnalal in Churdhar


Jamnalal is the most beautiful spot on the entire trek. The first camping site you arrive at when you start to trek from Nohradhar. After a walk in the dense forest, you will be greeted with a big open grassland which is Jamnala. This is beautiful lush green flat land with gentle slopes, meadows, and streams of water. It is hidden in between the forest and is an exemplary staying option. The View here is like a perfect postcard. Few stalls provide food and staying options but they will be closed during winters. You can pitch your tent and enjoy a beautiful stay here. The moonlit terrain during the night transforms into a dreamy land.


3. Visit Haripurdhar in Churdhar


Haripurdhar which is at a distance of 27 km from Churdhar is the summer capital of Sirmour is situated on a high ridge overlooking a deep valley at a height of 2500mtrs above sea level.

It’s a beautiful off-beat hill station that is known for its scenic beauty like any other place in Himachal Pradesh. Haripurdhar is famous for the most ancient Maa Bhangayani Temple. Powerful goddess of the state and is known as the godsister of Shrigul Mahadev. This temple is located at the foothills of the Shivalik ranges at Haripurdhar.


George Everest(British surveyor and geographer, eponym of Mount Everest) made his astronomical reading of the Himalayan mountains from this Churdhar peak famous.

The holy water at the Chur temple is a gift from Lord Shiva who is believed to have brought the water from Mansarovar Lake in China-occupied Tibet in the distant past.

It is believed that Lord Hanuman found Sanjeevni Booti at this peak which saved the life of Lord Lakshman in the battle with Lanka king Ravana as described in the Hindu Epic Ramayana.

According to the locals, deities Shrigul Devta and Bijjat Maharaj had a centuries-old fight which is about to end now after 1500 years in a joint Jagran. It is believed that the deities have ordered locals to organize a deity fair where both deities will meet.


There are three base locations to reach the Churdhar peak.

1. Nohradhar of Sirmour district

The trek from Nohradhar of Sirmour district is the most famous and is a widely used route to reach the peak.
The total distance to be covered will be 20 km.
Nohradhar is a little hamlet in the Sirmour district.vagabond holidays operates group treks through this route.

2. Chaupal of Shimla district

The trek from Chaupal is the shortest of all three trek routes.
The total distance to be covered will be 7kms.
Chaupal is a town and Nagar panchayat in the Shimla district.

3. Haripurdhar of Sirmour district

The trek from Haripurdhar is the longest of all three trek routes.
The total distance to be covered will be 50kms

Haripurdhar is a small town situated on a high ridge in the Sirmour district.

The above information shall help you decide the base point.

Now, How to reach the base location to start the trek?



Solan, Shimla, Nahan, and Kalka are the nearest cities from where there are buses available to any of the basepoints.



There are three nearest airports you can choose from, from where you can connect to your basepoint via taxi/ buses.

1) Jubarhatti Airport of Shimla(a regional airport with very little connectivity) is at a distance of 125kms to Churdhar

2) Chandigarh International Airport is at a distance of 148kms to Churdhar

3) Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun is at a distance of 176kms to Churdhar



The major nearest railway stations are

Kalka Railway Station(KLK) Chandigarh Railway Station(CDG) Solan Railway Station(SOL)



Be accountable for your actions and do not litter in the open.

Do not carry plastic bottles.

Do not humiliate any religious beliefs or culture of people living there.

Do not enter/touch any place/ thing without seeking permission.

If you are new to the place, do not wander without any guide or companion.

Do not carry unnecessary things which might add up as unwanted weightage.

Do not wander alone, Black bears are found in this region and are likely to attack solo travelers than those who travel in groups.



Do follow the rules and regulations of the place.

Be polite to the people.

Do respect the traditions of the place.

As a responsible tourist, pick up any wrapper lying on the path and drop it in the trash bins. Nature will thank you.

Always ask permission before clicking pictures.


Churdhar trek is a moderately difficult tread with sharp up-hill and down-hill paths at a high altitude which might be hallenging for beginners. Decide your stamina before taking the plunge.

Trek becomes highly difficult during extreme winters and rainy seasons. So better avoid during those seasons.

The snow-covered trail at a few points might make the path more skiddy and vulnerable. So, do carry snowshoes depending on the month of your travel.

Do carry warm clothes since the weather is cold and can get chilly at times.

Carry enough water as the path is steeply inclined and you would not find refilling points on the way.

There are not many eateries on the way. So, carry nuts and chocolates to keep you energized.

Always carry a first aid kit.

If you choose Nohradhar as the basepoint, start early to reach the temple before dawn.
Dharamshala of the temple gets crowded during the season. So, reach the temple as early as possible to book your stay.

Try camping at the peak to witness the night magic on the highest peak.




A thick forest consisting of Deodar, Oak, and Pine trees are seen all along the path.
Medicinal herbs like Aloe vera and Amaranthus Spinosus are found abundantly in this region.
Wild Himalayan Cherry also commonly called Padam is a sacred plant in Hindu mythology with numerous medicinal benefits is found here.





The state bird of Himachal Pradesh, The Himalayan Monal which is beautifully decked up in all rainbow colors can be sited here.
Red Jungle Fowl which is a tropical bird is found in this region.
Indian Pea Fowls/ Peacocks are situated in larger numbers in this region.
Little colorful birds Multicolored Laughing Thrush and Koklass Pheasants are also found in this region
Animals like Barking Deer, Goral, Leopard, Wild Boar, and Pika are found on this territory.
Canine-toothed Musk Deer and Asiatic Black Beer inhabit the higher forests.

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