Nag Tibba – Best Trek in Uttrakhand

Trip to Nag Tibba is no doubt the best week’s end journey in the country. Nag Tibba journey course has brilliant meadows and thick unsettled areas along the way offering different pleasant open air regions.

The early phase of the trip and the finishing point is really accessible and close to Dehradun, which accordingly is generally around related with various bits of the country.

So close, yet one can show up at a level of more than 3000 meters and move in an absolutely remote locale with essentially no home. One more unprecedented interest of Nag Tibba journey would be the outside experience.


The climbing point while going up is moderate with two or three steep fixes busy making this journey proper for all including aggressive and honorably fearless families.

At the Top you will have the whole spot to yourself with just an odd Gujjar/shepherd offering the brilliant points of view to you.

The presentation of the Himalayan snow zeniths of Garhwal and Himachal district makes sure to keep you busy with the camera. A piece of the acclaimed tops that are observable from here integrate the Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Srikanth, and Dull zenith.


The Nag tibba journey is a staggering encounter since one has the opportunity to climb the top, can see the dazzling points of view on the zeniths of Nanda Devi, Bunderpunch, Chaukhamba, the wonderful towns of far off Uttarakhand, Lovely meadows, stunning viewpoints, and immaculate walk around deodar, oak, and pine woods.

Nag Tibba, the most raised top in the Lesser Himalayan region of the Garhwal division of Uttarakhand is an adventurer’s delight as it is respected with the abundance of nature.


Nag Tibba is observed 58 Kms from 88 km from Dehradun in the Garhwal Himalayas including the journey division of 8 km from Pantwari Town.


You can arrive at Pantwari by the road. There are three courses from where you can start this journey; one is from Devalsari, the other is from Pantwari and the third one is from Aunter. Nag Tibba is a 10 km journey from the headquarters in Pantwari, arranged a distance away of 60 km from Mussoorie.





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