21 July 2023

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Uttarakhand vs Himachal Pradesh Vacation 2023

Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are two divinely beautiful states in the northern region of India. The two of them have quite some differences but are united by Himalayan peaks, surreal rivers, stunning views and so much more.


Travellers often find themselves confused when it comes to picking one of the two best vacation states. It is very obvious to be in such a situation of dilemma, and here’s our help for you to pick your option.


1. Hassle-free commutation

The very first criterion gives Himachal Pradesh an easy win.

The roads are in good shape, and the public transportation system functions well in order. Movement within the state or even interstate is easily possible with local transportation services. One can even take a direct bus from the capital city to Himachal Pradesh and get there without any trouble travelling at all.

While travelling to Uttarakhand, one needs to pay attention to the transportation aspect.

2. Options to stay

Himachal Pradesh has an upper hand over Uttarakhand for providing a great variety of hostels, private cottages and hotels etc.

No matter what figure of budget you hold, you’ll most definitely find a stay that will fulfil more than your need for shelter amidst the beauty of mountains.

Over time Uttarakhand has also elevated its position regarding staying options but there’s time for the two states to obtain the same ranking.

For wanderers travelling solo, Uttarakhand might appear to be an expensive option but kudos to the budding affordable stays.

3. Eateries and aesthetics

Oh yes, food! Good food is something that travellers always look forward to. And there’s no doubt about the performance of the two states on this front.

However, when it comes to aesthetics and hippie cafes, Uttarakhand is left behind.

Apart from the yoga capital, Rishikesh, finding such aesthetically pleasing cafes is quite a tough task.

Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi, and the Garhwal region need to progress concerning this aspect. But in Himachal, Kasol, Dharamkot, Shimla, and Mcleodganj have several cafes that will feed your appetite for taste and aesthetics.

4. Trekking

Wuhoo! All that quest for adventure will be undoubtedly met in Uttarakhand. Treks in Uttarakhand have very well-designated trails marked for your ease.

It reduces the chances of you losing your way. The trekking trails of Uttarakhand are wide and guide people well. The treks of Himachal, even the famous ones lack this important feature. They are narrower and more confusing.

5. Budget travelling

Budget me fit, Himachal will be hit!

Budget-friendly stays, eateries and adventurous activities are easily accessible in Himachal Pradesh. With a variety of residential options, one can even opt to spend days in the hustle-free uncommercialized area and experience the best of the state.

6. The best option for backpackers

Himachal boasts here. Bir, Spiti, Mcleodganj, and Jibhi are a few of the most famously known backpacking Destinations in our country.

Travellers irrespective of age group find solace in these states but with the plethora of trekking trails, hippie cafes and stay options, Himachal Is an amazing place to be in.

Rishikesh bags the best backpacking Destinations in Uttarakhand but overall the state is mostly visited for its religious attributes.


7. Safety

The two states are extremely safe.

The locals are very kind and wouldn’t hesitate to offer you a helping hand in moments of doubt or distress.

Whether you are travelling all by yourself, with your beloved, or with your little kids the people are very welcoming.

We would still advise you to stay vigilant and take precautions as and where required. We understand you might be excited to explore the best of the states with no constraints at all but your safety will be in your hands.

8. The mystical beauty

There can never be any objective manner to compare the impeccable beauty of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.


The two of them have meadows, tall native trees, icy mountain tops and flowing streams.

 While some scenic wonders are mutually shared, they are still extraordinarily different. There is variation found in the heights of peaks and of course, the vibe they envelope you in.

Development is an ever-evolving phenomenon and over time one can anticipate the two states to be engaged in tough competition. For now, we hope the information provided above helps you choose the best option.

Have a great vacation!