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Best Season to  explore kasol summer , monsoon , winter season. Kasol has a mild and pleasant temperature all year round. The best time to visit Kasol for a trip is during the months from March to June. In recent times Kasol has been in the rage for backpackers and nature enthusiasts across the country. [...]

Top 9 Places To Visit In Kasol – 2022

1. Tosh village in Kasol     Among the best places to visit in Kasol. Tosh is splendid creation of God. It's a  gorgeous village situated on a hill in Parvati valley near Kasol. It is guarded by mountains which are covered by snow during winters giving a spectacular image. Wooden houses here are an [...]

Facts about Churdhar Peak and Simour District

Facts about churdhar Peak and Simour District (churdhar Trivia) The southernmost district of Himachal Pradesh , Sirmour will take you to the highest Churdhar Peak in the lower Himalayas Himalayan Range with 360-Degree views with an elevation of approximate 3647 meters (11965 feet); along with being the largest Flower producing district in Himachal Pradesh. The [...]

Top 10 Things To Do In Kasol – 2022

1.  Attend music festivals and trance parties     If you are a party animal and love dancing till the last beat of music then, these trance parties is another one of the enticing things to do in Kasol. Music festivals in Kasol  are the ones you shouldn’t miss upon your visit. These festivals are [...]

Things To Buy In Kasol – 2022

Kasol – Mini Israeli of India   Situated between Bhuntar and Manikaran (a holy place for Sikhs), Kasol is home to hippies and solo travellers who love to explore the serenity within their budget. With the increasing number of Israelis, Kasol has become a mini Israel of India.   Kasol is a picturesque village and [...]

How Long Is Churdhar Trek?

We can all agree that Himachal Pradesh has several stunning locations. People from metropolitan areas especially eagerly anticipate their vacations. A five-day vacation aids in mind revival and aids in the return to productive living. Although some of the familiar hill towns come to mind. Indeed, Himachal Pradesh is not completely explored. Churdhar trek is [...]

Why is Churdhar Peak Famous? 

When making travel plans, we frequently consider the location's beauty, the trek's level of difficulty, the weather, and—most frequently—what the area is known for. Such queries run through everyone's head. The basic elements of trekking are the hills and the weather, but some of them have additional features that lure hikers to the destination. Just [...]

Things To Do In Ladakh Road Trip

Astoundingly rough, Ladakh have arid mountains encase this mystical Buddhist ex-kingdom. Picture-flawless gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries) drastically crown rough outcrops by shuddering petition hails and whitewashed stupas, while supplication wheels spun clockwise discharge merit-production mantras. Gompa insides are a mob of brilliant Buddhas and complicatedly bright wall paintings and home to red-robed priests. It's a [...]

How Difficult Is Churdhar Trek?

Churdhar Trek is one of the highest peaks in the outside Himalayan range. It is a holy site associated with Shri Shirugal Maharaj, also known as Chureshwar Maharaj, and a well-worshipped deity in Sirmour and Chaupal. Churdhar trek has three sides to reach. But the shortest and the most followed is the Naurdhar route in [...]

Is Churdhar Trek open now?

  Planning to go for Churdhar trek , this place is an automatic meditation spot. The walk to the mountains is like heaven . If you love trekking, you would love to explore different spots.   Add your list with Churdhar Trek. In addition, Churdhar Peak is adored by the residents of nearby villages in [...]


Thinking for a road trip? A trip to Ladakh is waiting for you then with peaceful and serene environment. Ladakh the word itself drive craziness in everyone's mind, no doubt the road leading to Ladakh is so appealing. The place give you peaceful vibes and communicates with you making you realize you’re not alone. A [...]


Road Trip To Leh Ladakh is one of the most adventurous and exciting destinations that travelers and explorers want to visit because of its beauty and mesmerizing landscape that is situated in Leh Ladakh. The journey starts from Delhi and continues to the heart of the Himalayas (Jammu – Srinagar – Kargil – Leh – [...]


The adventure capital of the country, is the destination that has the top three highest mountain passes in the world. This destination has strong links with Buddhism and Tibetan culture. From architecture to cuisine, this city has an Eastern outlook. This is a very famous tourist destination for those who love isolated adventure spot for [...]


1.Kanatal-     What if you get to touch the moon but not stars? Moon might be the ultimate piece of beauty but how can one ignore the existence of such an explicitly beautiful creation as stars? Yet, the travel freaks fail to encounter this amazing place after reaching crowded tourist points as Mussoorie. Kanatal [...]

Must-Visit Places Around Surkanda Devi Temple- 2022

KANATAL     Kanatal is a beautiful village near Surkanda Devi temple on the Chamba - Mussoorie road. This relatively remote village has the most magnificent views with lush green forests and is situated overlooking the Himalayan mountains. Kanatal is the most scenic village with many outdoor activities to indulge in to keep you entertained, [...]


New Year is just the right time to treat yourself to a serene, astounding trip in lap of the nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.   Everybody deserves to wake up on 1st Jan and witness the sun rising from behind the snow capped mountains that could energize the most tired [...]

How To Reach Churdhar…

Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh   The state of Himachal Pradesh is breathtaking. The lifestyle, hills, and valleys. Himachal Pradesh has plenty of beautiful places. Churdhar is one among them, to be added to your list and then know about how to reach churdhar.   Churdhar situated in the  Sirmour district , which also contains the cities [...]

Photography During Treks!!!

A very simple question why do we click pictures? What is so special and unique about photography during treks?   If you don’t have the answer then trust me photography is the best among all art to describe the anything and everything. Many people think that photography is not an art and therefore it need [...]

Where are you going this summer !!!

WHERE ARE YOU GOING THIS SUMMER   Most of us just don’t want to get involved with the asphyxiating hand of summer in our country and especially when it comes to escaping the chaos of our work load and plan something for our mind, body soul relaxation.To cherish your life just a short lived vacation [...]

Things not carry During treks!!

If I talk about trek there are lots of thing one should remember which most of us forget and face problem during the trek. No worries I’m here to solve your problem just a few things to remember and you will never face a difficulty during trek. I remember my first trek it was very [...]

10 Best places to visit on new year 2023

New Year is just around the corner and everyone is thinking of places to visit on new year with start the new year with big-bang. Rave Parties celebrations, hierarchical boozing, and boisterous. Merrymaking are everything you have on your mind. But why only limit yourself to crowded enclosures for the boundless fun which you Intend [...]


1. HAWA MAHAL Hawa Mahal is also known as the palace of winds and is located in the heart of the city. The palace consists of 953 windows called jharokhas. The main purpose of building it was for royal women so that they can enjoy the festivities happening outside by staying in the palace. Also, [...]

Bharat – A Mosaic Kite !

Australia is known for breathtaking beaches, Africa has Sahara desert and love birds love to lock arms amidst the beautiful valley in Switzerland. But, there's a big BUT! The innate nature of humans is to taste different fruits at once and at the same place. The only solution to their diverse desires is INDIA, undoubtedly! [...]

Benefits of Yoga

Before we understand the benefits of Yoga, it is important to understand, what yoga really is. For some, it is ancient way of Training & for some it is a set of different poses. But Yoga Actually mean ONE(union), which connect Body, Mind & Spirit. Yoga has countless benefits which positively affect you Physically & [...]

Tamil Nadu – Jewel Of South India

The feeling of content that comes within one’s heart when they offer their prayers to their deity and know that with time, everything will be alright, the feeling of spirituality when one visits sacred places and realizes the passage of time or the feeling of breathing those freshly grounded spices that empower your senses within [...]

Rishikesh New Year

Want to rethink how to start off with a New Year? Plan an exciting, adventurous new year trip to Rishikesh! Rishikesh, also known as the “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” is situated in the Foothills of the northern Himalayas, encountering with the Ganges and the Chandrabhaga River. A city, maintained by RMC and a tehsil [...]

Rishikesh- Adventure Capital of India

Rishikesh is a magnet for divinechasers, is the calmest place in northern Uttarakhand. With multitudes of ashrams, it has been called as the ‘Yoga capital of the world’. This place provides great opportunities for adventure sports like trekking, climbing, mountain biking. But it is well known for white water rafting on River Ganga (or the [...]

Best Treks From Dehradun

Uttarakhand is a beautiful place with rugged topography consisting of a chain of hills and mountains which provide a great opportunity for trekking and exploring the scenic beauty of these places. Dehradun being the capital of this state is the gateway to multiple treks in and around the region.   Trekking close to Dehradun will [...]

Wandering in Spiti Valley

When it comes to Himachal Pradesh, we will always think of Shimla, Manali, Mcleodganj. Spiti Valley often crosses our mind at the last. It is a place beyond our imagination. Breathtaking view, atmospheric Buddhist monasteries, unique culture, Spiti valley is undoubtedly the best offbeat destination in India.   Place to visit in Spiti Valley   [...]


What makes Deoria Tal trek so special?   An ideal trek for the newbies, Deoria Tal is divine in its own way, with a maximum altitude of 12,083 ft. Every climb is worth a shot!   The Deoria Tal-Chandrashila! Usually, some trekking points give a mesmerizing view of the Himalayan ranges, but what makes Deoria [...]

New Year In Udaipur

Udaipur is known as the heritage city with many devise sites, lakes also known as “the Lake City” and also some top party places which attract visitors from different parts of the city every year. With the New Year’s around the corner, there are a lot of exciting plans that are knocking on the door. [...]

Nag Tibba – Best Trek in Uttrakhand

Trip to Nag Tibba is no doubt the best week's end journey in the country. Nag Tibba journey course has brilliant meadows and thick unsettled areas along the way offering different pleasant open air regions.       The early phase of the trip and the finishing point is really accessible and close to Dehradun, [...]

All about Nagtibba tour

There are two potential courses that can be taken to journey to NagTibba and we discuss all about NagTibba.   One is through Auntar town, and the other through Patwari Town. Both the courses meet at Nag Mandir and consolidate on the way. This traveling experience takes you along the Patwari town. This way starts [...]

Churdhar Peak Trek – Vagabond Holidays

Churi-Chandni Dhar (bangles of snow), or commonly known Churdhar Peak Trek, located in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh. It is at 11965 feet, with some of the most great and beautiful landscapes in the region. These Himalayan slopes are covered with a treasure of herbs and beautiful alpine flora. A 5000-year-old shiva Temple and [...]

Reasons For Why You Visit Bali

Among the in excess of 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali actually sparkles the most splendid with regards to the travel industry. There are endless other tropical objections in Bali, yet for a great many vacationers every year, this entrancing island is the number one. Here's the reason you ought to visit Bali.   Untainted sea [...]

Spiti- An Unfamiliar Land

A cold dessert mountain valley, an unfamiliar land located high in Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh- “Spiti- The middle Land”. It is well known as middle land that is the land between Tibet and India. The place till date has managed to preserve the rarest of aspects of the Buddhist Culture with some of the oldest [...]

Weekend Trips Near Delhi NCR

Are You Bored with your 9-5 job? Are you looking for a break that can turn your regular weekend into mini-vacation? Want to go summer or winter holidays in India? If yes, then here are some weekend getaways from Delhi that can evoke the wanderlust in you. Forget the long traveling hours and crowded destinations. [...]

New Year in Goa

  The first thing that comes in any Indian mind when he wants to celebrate the new years in Goa. Goa being the Vegas of India attracts thousands and lakhs of tourists from all around the country and caters them with almost everything. Goa is the ideal place for every Indian to bid the best [...]